just told someone to kill themselves and forgot to hit anon lol what can u do

You could always just not tell people to kill themselves.


Selling a binder! UK only please?

So, I bought a binder, from China, thinking that XXL would cover my boobs. But it doesn’t, I was wrong.

So, my loss is your gain. It’s a copy of the T-Kingdoms Sports Bra fitting, and is made of slightly softer material, with the same kinda hold. (If it fitted me, oh would it be glorious)

Anyway, the bust is about 30inches, at it’s very maximum, so you gotta be small, It’s in a  light grey as well.

Honestly, I spent more on it than I should, but it’s better quality than the cheaper ones. (Hooray)

I’d like about £8-10 which includes shipping in the UK. 
I’ll get pictures when my phone stops being a lameo potato.

Message me if you’re interested. =D

P.S, I don’t mind if you’re a cosplayer, or a crossdresser or a transman, or anything in between. Message me!

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