SOURCE: Instagram
Ok so im just browsing through the bmezine hashtag on instagram when this pops up, these are comments on a users photo after she was trying to ”educate” us on piercing guns, she made some very valid comments, about lack of sterilization, the blunt trauma, and how bad they are. But then reading her comments, turns out she pierces her friends from home! Then i made the mistake of going through the rest of her photos. oh sweet jesus! obviously doesn’t care too much about sterilization huh….WHAT’S AWFUL: piercing from home, that bellybutton looks all crooked, self piercing, and the photo with all her ”equipment” probably bought from ebay, not sterilized at all and those nose rings aren’t the sort of jewellery you would put in a fresh piercing. (i would’ve thought)

Whereas the belly button looks bad, the needles are all pre-steralized and packaged, one use only gubbins. Not just eBay sell them.